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"An Empire of Air and Water is a tour de force of interdisciplinary excavation and remapping, which stakes new ground for the Romantic imaginary by drawing together a range of eclectic literary sources and putting them into dialogue with wider cultural projects during the Romantic Century. Carroll’s book examines the presence of ‘atopias’ – spaces which resist categorisation, habitation and conceptualisation: these are polar regions, the oceans, the atmosphere and subterranean spaces. Each of the core chapters offers a nuanced and intriguing piece of a wider puzzle that collects around the British imperial project and its various technologies (as well as those of its competitors). " 
-- BARS First Book Prize Judges' Report


An Empire of Air and Water: Uncolonizable Space in the British Imagination, 1750-1850. Philadelphia: U. of Pennsylvania Press, 2015. 

*Runner-Up for the BARS First Book Prize in Romanticism, 2017

Selected Peer Reviewed Articles

Lost in Space: Surviving Globalization in Gravity and The Martian.” Science Fiction Studies 46.1 (2019): 127-142.

“Play you must': Villette and the Nineteenth-Century Board Game.” Nineteenth-Century Contexts. 39.1 (2017). 33-47. *Shortlisted for the Donald Gray Prize in Victorian Studies, 2018

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 “Imagined Nation: Place and National Identity in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.” Extrapolation. 53.3 (2012): 307-326.

Selected Refereed Essays

“Atopia / non-place.” The Routledge Handbook of Literature and Space. London and New York: Routledge, 2017. 159-167.

On Erasmus Darwin’s The Botanic Garden, 1791-1792.” BRANCH: Britain, Representation and Nineteenth-Century History. Ed. Dino Franco Felluga. Extension of Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net. Web. 2016.

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