Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Coming to America

The latest email reads, "we want to make sure you have NO plans to marry (in the NEAR future) a Foreign National.... if you do have plans in the near future to marry, we should discuss same BEFORE we file!"

Me: Nope. Not marrying a foreign national in the next few months, thanks.

Versions of other questions I have recently answered:

Q. Have you ever worked as a prostitute?
Q. Have you ever conspired to attack the United States?
Q. Have you ever been trained to kill with your bare hands?
Q. How do you feel about Nazis?
Q. Do you have syphilis?
Q. Are you sure?
Q. What about T.B.?
Q. Have you ever tortured animals for fun?
Q. Have you ever been neo-nazi prostitute out to bomb the U.S.A with tortured animals?
Q. But do you consider the above a valid career option?

Me: No to all, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, this elusive update is in lieu of other updates I can't actually give for legal reasons. Short version: things are swimming along here. And I got to go to NYC recently! Woot!